Our journey to you: Written Memoir

Our journey to you: Written Memoir

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The journey of adoption is complex. And for every person, every couple and every child, it is unique.  

We don't coach clients on how to improve their writing. Instead, our team DO the writing for you, because it's actually really hard to share your journey on your own.

Looking at blank pages. Being unsure what to include, what to leave out, or even where to start!

A gift that touches everyone.

Working with our team impacts everyone.

Our clients have the most amazing experience working with our team. It's the opportunity to share stories that might not have fully spoken about for years or even decades.

It is a time to have a conversation with someone focused on learning your story, without judgement or interruption. 

But it's so much MORE for the whole family.

It is a chance for them to learn about adoption. Why you chose to go on this journey. How you felt along the way, and what it was like to hold your child for the first time.

We create a showcase!

We create a separate section where you can share any information about your adoptive child. 

This is where the early years, pictures and stories about your their first days, weeks and months can be saved, along with messages directed to them. Upon request this can be created as a separate PDF document, and not included in your memoir.

What is included?

Our team then works to put everything together into a cohesive story. This means crafting your narrative and pairing this with your photographs to create a your memoir. These stunning hardcover book provide a cultural context to stories level and a level of detail that cannot be matched, and  its all its yours, ready to share with family, friends and the world! 

1 Hardcover book of your memoir 6000 - 10,000 words

  • 2 hour audio interview
  • Personal Photographs thoughtfully included into the book
  • Dedication Page
  • Up to 10 Family history vignettes 
  • Additional written contributions from up to three people
  • A simple family tree
  • Opportunity for feedback throughout the process

We would love to help you share your journey.