About Us

Memories to be cherished

for a Lifetime

The Telegram Society was founded by Natalie Avenell in 2015. 

After noticing that beloved Grandma Pauline was losing her memories, Natalie knew she had to do something. Grandma was a much-loved family figure with a rich history and spicy stories spanning decades and Natalie wanted to ensure those memories weren’t lost for future generations. She wanted to give her three young kids the opportunity to know their great-grandma, in her own words, as adults.

So harnessing her professional expertise as an oral historian, she decided to sit down with her and record her story together. She turned these interviews into her memoir. 

And once Natalie was finished? A friend asked her to write a memoir for their grandfather. And then another person asked. And another…

And thus, The Telegram Society was born, making it easier for people to share their stories.  

We know that producing a memoir on your own is hard. Where to start? What to include? How to structure it? It's no surprise that the few people who begin actually finish.

We help people of all abilities, and in all stages of life, write their memoirs without them doing any of the actual writing. Our process, honed over many years, leads you through a guided interview, giving you the space to tell your story, which we then use to produce a written or video memoir.

At the end of our time together, you'll have a beautifully presented coffee table book or film (or both!) which details your unique story. Because we are more than just a mum. More than a teacher, grandpa or baker. Each of us has a rich life, filled with individual experiences, that deserves to be preserved.

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