We created Telegram Society because everyone has a story to share, and we just make it easy. 

 Creating memories for when we are apart

I remember for years, asking my mum to write her story, but it just never happened. After a little while, I realized that without help, it never would.

She didn’t know where to start. What to include? What to leave out? 

And she is not alone.

Writing your whole life story is absolutely daunting, and few complete it without help. 

Because we are more than just a mum. More than a teacher, grandpa or baker. Each of us has had a rich and interesting life our children and grandchildren don't know about. 

And sharing these stories in your memoir allow your family to see you and connect with you in new ways. 

So if you would like to help someone you love share their story, or if you need some help, you're are in the right place.

Our team are able to help.


Who Am I?


My name is Natalie Avenell and I’ve been creating memoirs for the past six years.

I am a writer and member of the Oral Historian. I have studied history, worked at the National Archive in Kew, and major publishing house. My curiosity about people, what they have experienced, and how they have responded to circumstances in their lives, makes working with clients a joy.

Our conversations are not a dull and morose retelling of their lives. They are a celebrations of their journey thus far - and the love they have experienced. 


What do you actually do?


We offer both the traditional written memoirs as well as video memoirs. Or both! 

The written memoir is a tangible hardcover book for you to read and hold onto. Clients spend time talking to our team, and we use the interviews to write the memoir.

We prepare clients for their video memoirs in a similar way, interviewing them online to learn their story. After working though the story we want to capture, we bring a film crew to your home and guide you through the process of sharing your story. 

We just ask for all clients to provide photographs to include in the memoir, both for the book as well as the video.


Its a celebration! 

Working with our team is actually a wonderful experience for clients. They have the opportunity to talk about things they might not have spoken about or been asked about for decades. There is no judgement, rather it is a safe place to reflect on the achievements and the joys of life. A time to acknowledge all they have endured and all they have created. 

And at the end, they have a memoir so that their family can share in these moment too. 

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