Our Packages

Choosing a written or video memoir

Each of our products can be delivered as a traditional written memoir or a video memoir.

The written memoir is a gorgeous coffee-table book that’s printed on high-quality archive paper designed to last for hundreds of years while the video memoirs are presented as a USB that can be shared with as many people as you like.

When deciding, we recommend considering who it will be presented to. We find avid readers prefer a written memoir where they can flick through the pages and immerse themselves in the pages. Conversely others prefer to be able to see and hear their loved brought to life through film. Being able to actually see Mum in her kitchen may bring back memories and provide a deeper sense of connection for younger generation. 

Whichever you choose, working with our team is a wonderful and cathartic experience for our clients and their families. We provide a safe space, without judgement, for our clients to reflect on their achievements and share stories they might not have spoken about in decades.


Memoirs make the perfect gift 

Our memoirs make wonderful gifts for parents or grandparents, especially on those special birthdays. 

Memoirs are a way to deeply honour the invaluable contributions that our elders make to our families and preserve our connections throughout the generations.


Not sure which memoir is best for you? 

If you need help deciding which package is best for you, book a complimentary call with Natalie your options.