What memoir is right for me?

What are the types of memoirs?

We can help your family create a traditional written memoir, a filmed memoir or both.  

The written memoir is a gorgeous coffee-table book that’s printed on high-quality archive paper designed to last for generations. It pairs your family story with your family photographs in a way that brings the story to life. 

A filmed memoir is a guided oral history interview, presented in 4K on a USB. Photographs are used to enhance the story and are thoughtfully added to the film. Once completed, these films can be shared with as many people as you like.

How do I know what's right for me?

When choosing the right option for your family story, we recommend considering these three key criteria.

  • Who will the memoir be shared with?

This may seem obvious, but it is vital to understand who will be looking at your story. We find families that are avid readers typically prefer the written memoir where they can linger on images and learn about the cultural context to the stories shared. 

Other families treasure being able to see and hear their loved through film. Being able to actually see parents in their own homes brings back many memories and provides a sense of connection for the younger generation. 

Whichever you choose, working with our team is a wonderful and cathartic experience for our clients and their families. We provide a safe space, without judgement, to reflect on achievements as well as sharing stories that might not have been spoken about in decades.

  • How much involvement do I want to have?

Some people can't wait to begin working with the team. They are excited about creating their memoir and want to be involved in everything. Others prefer to allow our team of professionals to assist them with putting all of the pieces together.

But for each person, some things remain the same.

Our interviews are conducted online over a two-hour period. When conducting several interviews, these are completed in two-hour blocks over several days. This is for the comfort and clarity of all parties. 

In addition, we ask families to provide photographs to be included in the memoir. Any member of the family can collect and uploaded images via the client portal. 

Once the interview has been completed, our designers and writers will work together and request photographs that will enhance the storytelling. In addition to these images, we love to include photographs of important moments and special connections that we thoughtfully include in the memoirs. 

  • When does the memoir need to be completed?

The amount of time given to the project is different for every family. Some need it completed quickly due to health concerns or before an important date, while others prefer to take their time.

All gift vouchers are valid for three years from the date of purchase, and the team will work with family to complete your memoir in a timely manner. If you have specific time constraints, please advise the team at the time of purchase to discuss your request. 

Not sure which memoir is best for you? 

If you need help deciding which package is best for you, book a complimentary call with Natalie your options. 


Memoirs make the perfect gift

Our memoirs make wonderful gifts for parents or grandparents, especially on those special birthdays. 

Memoirs are a way to deeply honor the invaluable contributions that our elders make to our families and preserve our connections throughout the generations.

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