The Telegram Society Gift Card

The Telegram Society Gift Card

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Share the gift of a lifetime with a Telegram Society gift voucher. 

Are you looking for a unique gift to celebrate your loved one?

Look no further.

Whether it is for a special birthday, anniversary or celebration - this is the gift of a lifetime. Every day memories are made, but without recording them, over time they fade, and are lost. 

Our gift vouchers allow whole families to save the stories of their loved ones, without making them do a lot of work. The vouchers can be used to create traditional written memoirs, as well as the video memoirs. Both involve working with our team to create a written or video memoir. Both are the opportunity to share and save your story in your own words. 

How to use a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers can be redeemed online through the Telegram Society website or over the phone with our customer service team.

If you’ve received one of our gift vouchers, redeem it by simply entering the unique voucher code at checkout, or contacting one of our customer service staff. Simply find an experience that’s right for you and add it to your cart. At checkout add the code and continue the steps at checkout.

Once the payment is complete, an email with links to schedule an appointment with our team.  

What can I buy with my gift voucher?

A gift voucher can be used towards all of the products and services available on the Telegram Society website. This means that you can use your online voucher to buy the service of your choice and book in the date you want to start your memoir.

Important Information.

All gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. 

If the total value to the voucher had not been used, it may be used more than once, across multiple products and services.

The gift card can not be reloaded (i.e. the value cannot be increased or added to)

Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash