This is ME: Video Memoir

This is ME: Video Memoir

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 Have you got a story to tell but don't know where to start? 

We can help!

Whether its sharing your the story of overcoming personal challenges, starting up your business or celebrating your successes, our team is there to create a space for you to share. 

We work with you throughout the entire process. From the initial interview where we refine the narrative you want to share, through to guiding you through each moment of the interview. 

Unlike trying to do it all yourself, we take on all the work of writing, researching, filming and editing. We just ask clients to provide the photographs they would like to include and do what they do best - share their stories in their own voice.

What is included?

  • 2 hour Pre-studio audio interview
  • 30 minute review and interview preparation
  • 1 Studio Session
  • 2 hour Guided Studio Interview
  • High quality Video Memoir edited to between 15 - 25 minutes
  • Personal Photographs thoughtfully included into the film
  • 1 USB of your memoir

Opportunity for feedback throughout the process!

 Please note: Video memoirs are currently only available in VICTORIA, Australia.