Writing your Memoir Blog: Your Telegram Has Arrived

  • How to write when you don't want to write

    Have you had days where you stare at the blank screen and nothing comes you? Nada. No snappy caption or quirky story. Nothing.

    But the deadline keeps approaching and you have to produce something! So here's what changed the game for me. 

  • 4 tips to move past writing blocks

    Have you looked at a blank computer screen for hours or days wondering how to progress? Do you perhaps know the beginning and the end, but the midd...
  • What is a ghostwriter?

    What is Ghostwriting?

    Ghostwriting is simply the process of writing for a project that will be credited to someone else. This may apply across the entire project or just part of it, but the ghost, through contractual agreement, never has their own name publicly attached to the work. 

    This means that a ghostwriter's aim is to draw as little attention to their contributions as possible, and allow the voice and the vision of another person shine. This is done by adapting the language, focus and style the ghostwriter uses to suit their client's requirements. However, being trained and skilled in their craft, they can offer advice on pacing, content and style where appropriate to enhance the work.

  • I didn't even know this was a thing.....

    I hear that phrase all the time. All the time.

    "I didn't even know this was a thing." 

    But if you have ever headed into a bookstore or library and wandered around the biography and autobiography sections, you might have begun to suspect it. Because while you might be an outstanding sports person, innovator or politician, it does not mean you are a great writer. And if they can get support to share their stories, shouldn't others be able to access help too?

  • The Ultimate gift this Mother's Day!!

    If your Mum or Nan is anything like mine, they might say they don't want anything for Mother's Day, and anyway, you should just save your money and spend it on something for you. Sigh. Which is just what makes them a mum I guess.

    But we all know there ARE things your Mum wants. Even if she won't articulate them. And we know what they are because they are things we all want. Firstly to feel loved and honored. And second, just to be seen. 

  • What is a video memoir?

    You may have heard of a memoir, which is a book about your life. But most people have never heard about video memoirs.

    So what are they? And who are they for?

    Video memoirs are you in your own words - just like a written memoir. But there are three key differences between written and video memoirs.

  • What is a Story Coach? Ghostwriter? And Oral Historian?

    When it comes to writing your memoirs, it is safe to say that it can be a large and daunting task. You’ve got decades of memories, experiences that you need to work through, choosing what to include and what ultimately does not serve your story.To try and accomplish all of this on your own is hard. Very hard. So where can you go to for help?
  • Why did I start writing memoirs?

    Many people don’t feel that they have the skills, time or energy to look at that empty page and begin to work through the process of sharing their own experiences.

    So I started a business to help more families. Because it is my privileged to work with people to give them back their voice. To use our skills and expertise to bring their story into focus, to share with their loved ones, and to share with the world.