What is a Video Memoir???

What is a video memoir?

You may have heard of a memoir, which is a book about your life. But most people have never heard about video memoirs.

So what are they? And who are they for?

Video memoirs are you in your own words - just like a written memoir. But there are three key differences between written and video memoirs.


1. You don't have to look at a blank page 

Many people get excited at one point or another to write a book. But everyone who has ever started the process will tell you the same thing. It takes time, and necessitates you pushing though a number of roadblocks to reach the completion of a draft. For some it takes years. Looking at one blank page after another, all of them waiting for you to fill it with innovative ideas and profound truths. 

But video memoir removes the intimidation of the blank page all together. On video you are able to share our story in your natural voice, not the often strained and stilted voice used in writing. While I would recommend a level of preparation before starting a video memoir, it is more along the lines of dot points so that in the moment you remember to say everything, but it is not a script for a mini-movie. Even moment is not curated but rather it is natural.  


2. Video Memoirs can be created quickly

A memoir, in book terms, is reasonably quick to write. And by quick, this means between 12 - 24 months. Of research. Drafts. Edits. Beta readers, Developmental Editors ect. And a whole lot of work and re-work before you can share your story with an audience. 

The advantage of a video memoir is that you  can do it quickly. Stories flow off your tongue with ease, where as they can get stuck somewhere between your brain and page. Your memoir that might have taken you years of struggle otherwise can be started, worked on and completed in a matter of weeks.

When you work with our team, we have two pre-studio sessions to help you work through what stories you would like to include. This allows us to create a series of meaningful memories from different aspects of your life to include in the video memoir. We also guide you throughout the process of filming, prompting with questions and offering support, but also leaving room for you to share in your own words! 


3. Creates a larger audience

This final point is the reason why we  as a business have adopted video memoirs. It simply makes your memoir more accessible. While memoir is the second most popular genre of non-fiction writing, there are going to be people in our lives who are simply not readers at all. People that we want to share our stories with. 

Added to that, I am a parent of quite young children who would are not able to read, and are unlikely to be interested in reading memoir for many years. I therefore believe it is important to provide an option to families so that children can connect too.

It has been very special for me to see children respond to the video memoirs - to see them laugh at the stories and connect with grandparents whom they can no longer see in person. 

 I am a book lover. I am a writer.

But there is a connectivity and power in video memoirs that should be celebrated. And if this is the right choice for you and for your family, we are can help make this happen. 



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