The ultimate Mother's Day gift

The Ultimate gift this Mother's Day!!

Recording Her Story – The Ultimate Gift

If your Mum or Nan is anything like mine, they might say they don't want anything for Mother's Day, and anyway, you should just save your money and spend it on something for you. Sigh. Which is just what makes them a mum I guess.

But we all know there ARE things your Mum wants. Even if she won't articulate them. And we know what they are because they are things we all want. Firstly to feel loved and honored. And second, just to be seen. 

And while she is your mother, and that is a significant part of her life, there was a whole other life that she lived before you were born. She was born into a world so very different than the world we know, and faced challenges of her own. Schooling was different, opportunities were varied and the events that impacted her life are quite foreign to us.

Foreign, but fascinating. I have been working with clients and helping them share their stories with their families for years. And without exception, it has been a process that has revealed something that was unknown, and created a shared understanding which allows for deeper, more intimate conversations. 

It is my passion for everyone to be given the chance to share the stories of their life with their families and the world if they so choose. I am particularly passionate on occasions like this, that families take the opportunity to honor their Mum's or Nan's. While a mug with World's best Mum is lovely, to create the space for your mother to share the story of her life allows her to be seen again, even to be seen for the first time in perhaps decades, as a whole person interesting and valued. 

Because she has lots of stories to share. Some are happy and others are bittersweet. But they all have a place in her story, and in the story of your family. 

All of the team at the Telegram Society guide our clients through the process of sharing their stories. Without them, it's just plain intimidating. Blank pages waiting to be filled, or computer screens waiting for your inspiration. But the team ask all the questions, finding out the facts, and sparking different memories as they explore the different stages and ages of life. 

Far from being intimidating, it's a actually a relaxed and enjoyable experience. And after photographs have been provided, it culminated in a stunning book or video for the whole family to enjoy. 

Your mother will love having her life journey recorded, so regardless of what the future may being, her memories and stories remain with you.

Make this Mother’s Day one to truly remember.

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