This is ME: Written and Video Memoir

This is ME: Written and Video Memoir

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You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to share your whole journey, you can start now!

This is ME gives you the opportunity to really get into the details of a special time in your life. Whether it’s a tale of overcoming challenges, starting up a business or falling in love, we’ll create a safe space for you to share.

After our interview we will finetune your story outline to ensure all the relevant details are captured. We’ll then pair your story with your personal photographs in a thoughtful and connected way that enhances your story.


Is This is ME right for me?

This memoir is best for those who:

  • Aren't ready to share their entire life story 
  • Have a significant time in their life they'd like to focus on  
  • Don't wish to sit for multiple interviews 


What’s included?


Written Memoir

Video Memoir*


Written questionnaire Y   Y
x1 hardcover memoir (up to 10,000 words) Y   Y
x1 dedication page Y   Y
xXX small moments or anecdotes included that aren't connected to the main story Y   Y
x3 written contributions from family members or friends Y   Y
x1 simple family tree (up to XX generations included) Y   Y
x1 high-quality edited memoir (provided on a USB, up to 25 minutes)   Y Y
x1 two-hour pre-studio audio interview   Y Y
x1 one-hour studio session   Y Y
x1 two-hour studio interview   Y Y
xXX personal photographs included into the film   Y Y
Opportunity for feedback throughout the process Y Y Y

*Please note: Currently video memoirs are only available in Victoria, Australia.


What you’ll need to provide

The beauty of working with us is that no prior preparation is necessary! Our team will do all the work, you just need to show up and share your story in your own words.

Following your interview, we will ask you to provide:

  • 25 - 35 personal photographs
  • Written contributions from your chosen friends and family