Our journey to you: A video Memoir

Our journey to you: A video Memoir

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The journey of adoption is complex. And for every person, every couple and every child, it is unique. 

We don't coaching clients on how to improve your writing. Our team do all the work of writing, because it's really difficult to do on your own. Looking at blank pages, being unsure what to include, what to leave out, or even where to start. 

A gift that touches everyone.

Working with our team impacts everyone. Our clients have the opportunity to share stories that might not have spoken about for years or even decades. It is a time to sit, and have a conversation with someone focused on you, without judgement or interruption. 

But it's so much MORE for the whole family. It's the chance for children to learn about who their parents were when they were young, and for grandchildren to learn how world events actually impacted your family. 

So what do you actually do?

Clients talk with our Oral Historians to share their story. Every interview is guided by the team to ensure we cover the journey of a lifetime. No preparation in advance is necessary, though we always provide some general guidelines in advance of we do. 

Once we have worked through your story together, we bring in a film crew to your home and work with you as we create your memoir. 

What's is a VIDEO Memoir!

In this video memoir we work with parents to share their journey through the adoption process.

We begin with talking through their own early years, family life, education and into adulthood. Where there are two parents we work through the early years for both and then draw those stories together as your lives connect. 

We then discuss your adoption experience, and the journey that took you on.

There are many different elements to the story.

  • How you felt holding your child for the first time
  • What were some of the struggles that you encountered along the way
  • Where you were as a person when you started this process
  • Where you were at the end of the process

In this section, we keep focus from the adult perspective. This is to honor the fact that your children may have a different view on later events than you.

HOWEVER, this is your story. And your desire to have a child, and your joy in adopting a child is a story we want to help you share.

Let's make a Showcase!

Finally as a separate chapter on your memoir, we create a showcase. This is where the early years, pictures and stories about your adopted child's first days, weeks and months can be recorded, along with messages directed to them. Upon request this can be shared on a separate USB. 

What is included?

  • 2 hour pre-studio audio interview
  • 1 Studio Session
  • 2 hour Studio Interview
  • High quality video memoir edited 15 - 25 minutes
  • Personal Photographs thoughtfully included into the film 
  • 1 USB of your memoir

  • Opportunity for feedback throughout the process!

 Please note: Video memoirs are currently only available in VICTORIA, Australia.