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You don't need to be 90 years old before you have a story to share. You don't even need to be 60 or 40 years old. There are so many moments, events and successes that should be shared, saved and celebrated as we go. And that is what we help you to do.

First, we begin by gathering some information about the kind of story you are wanting to share. We follow this up with an online interview, where we discuss your unique journey this in detail. This might be overcoming a challenge or illness, having a child, or launching a business to name just a few!

We take the time to discuss the key moments you want to capture, as well as the special touches that truly make the film uniquely you. And then we book in your shoot.

After the interview, our team fine tunes the story outline, so we are ready for the big day.

Because it's your story, told using your words, there is nothing for you to do but sit back and relax. We will be with you the whole time,  guiding you through as you share your story.

Lastly, after we have edited the film and added in your photographs, its all its yours, ready to share with family, friends and the world! 


Please note: Video memoirs are currently only available in VICTORIA, Australia.

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